The Prisoner Gets Furlough

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My life is full of endless responsibilities.  I play advocate, parent, wife, daughter, friend, and colleague, always morphing from one role to the next.  It takes concentrated effort to pull this off.  Someone always needs me for something, “Where are my gym socks?  Hey, can you take a peak at my eye?  Did you stop at Target for juice boxes and sandwich bags?  Did you sign my permission slip?”  As fellow moms, you can probably all relate.  Though grateful for the wonderful people in my life, I sometimes feel like a prisoner. It’s so freeing to give up those roles and just be me.  I crave that respite from my daily life.  I try to emmulate our book, “Conscious Unparenting” by placing my needs at least at the same level with everyone else’s.  In fact this weekend, I put myself first.  I let my husband take over my role of chauffeur, church goer, and frozen yogurt connoisseur!  I escaped to the Cranwell Resort and Spa in the Berkshires with four wonderful friends.  It took a lot of planning and money to make this happen, but the results were pure bliss!  After a weekend of shopping, eating, drinking, and relaxing, I was able to reconnnect with who I am.  I mattered.  My effortless existence allowed me to stay focused.  I wasn’t … Read More

Seeking Quiet

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I find life pretty hectic.  I chuckle when I think of my parents “going for coffee.”  Imagine, lingering over one cup!  My cup of joe is always on the run from the nearest drive-thru. I often view my life as a merry-go-round- hang on tight or I’ll fly off the horse!  Desperately, I latch onto the painted pastel seat, harness dangling off to the side. So, I wondered what I could do to bring about change to my precarious lifestyle?  Besides drinking red wine, I decided to explore the world of meditation-conscious relaxation!  Sounded simple enough-merely  find a quiet place to “just be.”  I thought I’d allow 10-15 minutes to begin my practice.  I waited until the girls left for school-how would I calm down after their incessant arguing?!! “That’s my headband and you can’t wear it!” “Well, you wore my sweatshirt yesterday!”  “The bus!!!!,” I screamed  like a mad woman.  My ah moment happened when their backs faced me as they crossed the icy terrain of our driveway.  Feeling like a PTSD victim, I ambled  to the couch trying to embrace the calm that awaited me.  I grabbed  my “touchy-feely” CD and began breathing.  In, sat, out, nam.  I circled my neck.  So far, so good.  Then the chatter began,  “Whose picking my son up from school?  Did I … Read More