The Gifts Our Fathers Bring

Kim Kinziefathers12 Comments

My dad passed away right after my 21st birthday. Since then, Father’s Day has been a source of pain, and eventually ambivalence. Now that I have children and I’m forced (by society and Hallmark) to recognize the holiday, it’s making me reflect on what it means to have, and live with, a father. My own dad wasn’t really a family man. I don’t blame him; he was 20 years old when I was born and had lost his mom due to breast cancer a mere 3 or so years prior. He was just finishing up college and heading to law school in Washington DC, where he worked, studied and played father and husband – a role for which he was not adequately prepared (through no fault of his own). He was the type of guy who loved to have a good time. He always made me laugh with his quick wit and biting sarcasm. He loved to socialize, whether it be entertaining friends at the house, hanging out at his beloved “Club 44” or spending time with his numerous siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles at the family farm – life was one big party. The problem was, as his child, his life was one big party. All that fun didn’t leave much time for parenting (even if no one really … Read More