“Conscious Eating”

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I love Chipotle!  It’s my last minute go to dinner place.  I always order the kid’s steak quesadilla meal.  Each time, I’m warned that the steak is the spiciest meat they offer.  “That’s okay, ” I reply, secretly knowing the steak is for me to eat.  What a deal!  I get a complete tasty  and somewhat nutritious meal for a mere $4(wonder if that fits in with Gwyneth Paltrow’s challenge to live on food stamps?)

As I wait in line, I stare at the plastic enclosed case of rice(white or brown), beans(pinto or black), and a plethora of meats from chicken to pork to shredded beef.  I ignore the colorful vegetables as they don’t complement my immature food palate.  After making my selections, I side step to the register.  While deciding between apple juice and chocolate milk, I notice the black uniform clad worker gingerly unwrapping the tinfoil off my quesadilla.  “Hey, can you please leave that wrapped?  It will stay warmer that way.”  Apologetically, she responds,  “Sorry, I can’t.  We need to remove all of the foil.”  Thoughts of a burn victim (circa 1998 when McDonalds got sued for failure to warn the coffee was hot) flash through my head.  This wasn’t the case however.  Apparently, some child had eaten the tinfoil and the parents called Chipotle to complain.

Really?!!  If your child is so dumb that he ate the quesadilla with the foil attached, your job as the parent should have been to remove it for him.  Please don’t over manage what is simply common sense.  And besides, how much tinfoil did this child consume?  Was it enoough to set off a metal detector at the airport?  Would he no longer be able to have an MRI for fear of the metal getting lodged in some unsuspecting place?

As a parent, our job is to protect our children, but there is such a thing as going too far.  If my child had eaten the tinfoil, he would have seen me laughing pretty hard!  Why get all indignant and blame the restaurant?  Mistakes happen, but having to eat luke-warm quesadilla shouldn’t be one of them!


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