“Conscious Eating”

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I love Chipotle!  It’s my last minute go to dinner place.  I always order the kid’s steak quesadilla meal.  Each time, I’m warned that the steak is the spiciest meat they offer.  “That’s okay, ” I reply, secretly knowing the steak is for me to eat.  What a deal!  I get a complete tasty  and somewhat nutritious meal for a mere $4(wonder if that fits in with Gwyneth Paltrow’s challenge to live on food stamps?) As I wait in line, I stare at the plastic enclosed case of rice(white or brown), beans(pinto or black), and a plethora of meats from chicken to pork to shredded beef.  I ignore the colorful vegetables as they don’t complement my immature food palate.  After making my selections, I side step to the register.  While deciding between apple juice and chocolate milk, I notice the black uniform clad worker gingerly unwrapping the tinfoil off my quesadilla.  “Hey, can you please leave that wrapped?  It will stay warmer that way.”  Apologetically, she responds,  “Sorry, I can’t.  We need to remove all of the foil.”  Thoughts of a burn victim (circa 1998 when McDonalds got sued for failure to warn the coffee was hot) flash through my head.  This wasn’t the case however.  Apparently, some child had eaten the tinfoil and the parents called Chipotle to complain. … Read More

To the Doctor, Stat!

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“I’d take him to the doctor.” These are my husband’s favorite words for any sort of ailment my sons experience. If they get a cold, he listens intently to their chest as they cough. “Sounds croupy to me. I’d take him to the doctor.” My older son has a sensitive stomach and has puked – on more than one occasion -after eating mounds of junk food followed by a go on the tire swing. “He pukes a lot. I’d take him to the doctor.” My younger son is a bit of behavioral challenge; no red flags – just very strong-willed and defiant. After each tantrum, my husband stares at me in disbelief that a five year old could wreak such havoc on a household. “This isn’t normal. I’d take him to the doctor.” My favorite incident happened last night. My little guy just started swim lessons and complained that his foot hurt. When I took a look, I saw a few bumps that were tender to the touch. My mom diagnosis: warts. I decided to get a second opinion and asked my husband to take a look. His eyes bugged out of his head. “I don’t know,” he muttered. “I don’t even want to say what those look like.” Then he made some underhanded reference to a parasitic infection, shaking … Read More

We Are Many Things

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Hi there.  If you’ve arrived at our site, you’ve either read our book, or are intrigued by our 1970s spin on modern-day motherhood.   Either way, welcome! We are many things: An information hub, where we’ll share anything that promotes our conscious unparenting™ themes: friendship, authenticity, less-judgment, more self-care, etc. A place of connection, where together we can each work on building our personal mom-network – real, live friends! A shop, where you can buy our book and related paraphernalia. A safe forum for the exchange of ideas, where we’ll discuss the ways we’re trying to become a ‘70s mom with a modern-day twist. Please note:  nasty, judgmental comments aren’t allowed.  There are plenty of places online for that.  Here’s we’re all about “walking the walk” – treating your fellow moms the way you want your kids to treat others. So poke around and visit us often.  If you want to sign up for our email list, do so here.  In the meantime, check out this blog-post from last June:  8 Reasons Children of the 1970s Should All Be Dead.  It’s a quick, hilarious read, and a great reminder that we’re lucky to be alive!  Kim & Dawn Please like & share: