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Disillusioned with motherhood, lifelong friends Kim Kinzie and Dawn Michael decided to write a tell-all book. Originally they sought to share the parenting woes of their fellow moms. To prepare, they interviewed dozens of women, many of whom were strangers. Their only rule: complete and total honesty. During this yearlong process, they met some incredible people and heard many heartfelt and hilarious stories. They also discovered a common thread: growing up in the 70s and 80s has not prepared us for the impossible institution known as modern-day parenting.

In the end, Kim and Dawn realized they weren’t equipped to tell other’s tales and decided to embarrass themselves instead. Though the stories they collected didn’t end up being written, the process provided the inspiration for their book’s ultimate purpose: making the motherhood experience more fulfilling, less stressful. Being in a safe setting with open-hearted women revealed to Kim and Dawn the triad to happier parenting: honesty (be truthful in your words both online and in person), friendship (spend lots of time with friends – both old and new) and self-care (put your needs alongside those of your children, as opposed to where they’ve been – well behind). To encourage others to live out this triad, the authors created the mindset now known “conscious unparenting™” – in other words, being a ‘70s mom with a 21st century twist.

The book is a compilation of the author’s deepest, darkest parenting stories told with humor and raw honesty. It’s also a call to action, as they encourage their readers to pledge themselves to the conscious unparenting™ movement.

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“. . . humorously told . . . This insightful and honest book is based on the observation that parenting in the 1970s was a much more laid-back – but not negligent – endeavor, and that contemporary mothers would be well-served to incorporate some of that laid-back attitude into our current incessant and anxious hovering around our offspring . . .” (read more) Motif Magazine, February 18, 2015

“I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, and was very excited when it arrived with a great letter and little disco ball charm. At last…a non-parenting book about parenting!…It’s a fun little book from two really bright women on the right track. Try it!”  (read moreGoodreads, June 12, 2015