The Movement

Will you join us on our revolution to consciously unparent?  Here’s how we’ll do it, one disco ball at a time:

First, make the following pledge:
I, (insert your name here), pledge myself to the conscious unparenting™ movement. Instead of obsessing about all aspects of parenting, I’m going to “just do it,” like those moms of the ’70s. I will support my fellow moms both in person and online. I will prioritize my needs, acknowledging that, while my children’s needs are important, they can no longer be the only ones that matter. By implementing these changes, I hope to experience more joy in parenting.
Second, if you like what we’re advocating, order yourself a disco ball charm.
Wear it daily on your wrist or neck, or dangle it from you purse or key chain – anywhere it can be seen and make a statement.
Displaying this symbol will hopefully accomplish several goals:
  • You’re letting others know that you’ve taken the pledge, making a public statement that you’re committed to a new mode of parenting;
  • You’re telling other women that you’re approachable, that safe harbor to whom you can say anything; and
  • You might make a new friend or two in your community. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.
Lastly, connect with women locally by starting a discussion group in your community.
These groups will be judgment-free zones; other than that, you can define the parameters. Click here to see the resources we have available for you to get started.