The Battle of the Screens

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I’m in Vermont this weekend visiting family and stumbled across an article in the local paper entitled: 3,000 Miles With the Kids, on a Roadtrip to Boredom.  After just having survived a four-hour journey  with my 2 boys, this article naturally caught my attention. The author, concerned about her children’s growing addiction to screens, decided to take a long roadtrip with her kids (ages 3 and 6) with no electronics. Yes, you read that right:  no phones, ipads, DVD players, handheld gameplayers…not even an ipod.   She sought to teach them to deal with their boredom, which is an important tool in accessing creativity (I’m living proof:  my boredom being home with 2 toddlers drove me to write a book) I applauded the author and wondered if I had the guts to do the same.  My boys, ages 5 and 8 are definitely addicts.  I dont worry as much about my 8 year old.  He has many interests and seems to have a solid internal barometer that tells him when he’s had too much. My 5 year old on the other hand, is a true junkie.  Like a heroin addict, he’s always looking for his next score.  Every car ride comes with the request:  “Can I play on your phone?”  Every free minute he wants a screen:  to play a game, watch a show, … Read More

The Advocate

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My child came home from school the other day, upset that she had gotten in trouble for something she claimed she hadn’t done. Apparently, she had asked her teacher if she could talk to her friend. The teacher said no and instructed my daughter to sit down. My daughter walked by the friend she had asked to talk to(who was in a direct path to her seat) and was handed a bookmark. My child responded,”Thank you,” to her friend. The teacher, livid that my child had just disobeyed her, immediately reprimanded my child and said,”No recess tomorrow!”. My daughter, feeling she had done nothing wrong responded with,”But Mrs. Teacher, I wasn’t talking…”. Mrs. Teacher took that as “back talk” and exclaimed, “No recess on Friday either!” Seeing my child’s frustration, I decided to intervene. My child is ten and because she had tried to advocate for herself and failed, she needed me to explain the situation to the teacher. I diplomatically sent the teacher an email summarizing the incident from my daughter’s point of view. I told the teacher that my child was always instructed to follow the classroom rules. I did question whether the punishment, loss of two recesses, was a bit harsh. My child has ADHD and to make her hold her extra energy in tightly wasn’t a … Read More

Book Release Day – Getting Ready for the Haters.

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Today we released our book into the world. I realize saying “the world” is a bit optimistic (and possibly unrealistic), but the fact is this: everyone who reads our book will now know the grit; the details of our darkest, ugliest parenting moments. It was one thing to admit them to one another and a small group of friends. Putting them out there to be criticized by strangers is a whole different ball of wax. Friends who’ve read the book have said, “I hope you have thick skin. You’re going to get bashed.” I know this, and have always known it. I’ve even lied to them (and myself) by saying, “I can take it.”   But the truth is – I can’t. At 47 I’m quite confident about myself and happy with the person I’ve become. I won’t change my basic personality at this point and I feel my stories reflect that personality, to a tee. So if people reject and dislike my stories, essentially they’re rejecting and disliking the core of my being. Do I care? Hell yeah! I don’t care the way I did about wearing Levis over Toughskins in sixth grade, but I am feeling prickly at the thought of being on the receiving end of harsh criticism and name-calling. I know it’s inevitable. In researching this book, I read hundreds, … Read More

We Are Many Things

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Hi there.  If you’ve arrived at our site, you’ve either read our book, or are intrigued by our 1970s spin on modern-day motherhood.   Either way, welcome! We are many things: An information hub, where we’ll share anything that promotes our conscious unparenting™ themes: friendship, authenticity, less-judgment, more self-care, etc. A place of connection, where together we can each work on building our personal mom-network – real, live friends! A shop, where you can buy our book and related paraphernalia. A safe forum for the exchange of ideas, where we’ll discuss the ways we’re trying to become a ‘70s mom with a modern-day twist. Please note:  nasty, judgmental comments aren’t allowed.  There are plenty of places online for that.  Here’s we’re all about “walking the walk” – treating your fellow moms the way you want your kids to treat others. So poke around and visit us often.  If you want to sign up for our email list, do so here.  In the meantime, check out this blog-post from last June:  8 Reasons Children of the 1970s Should All Be Dead.  It’s a quick, hilarious read, and a great reminder that we’re lucky to be alive!  Kim & Dawn Please like & share: